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  1. TUNE-UP'S -A tune-up includes checking over your engine and preparing it for the upcoming season. If any faulty parts or problems are detected, they can be addressed to prevent a breakdown. 
  2. REPAIRS - Specialty marine tools are used, including a dynamometer, to diagnose and fix your engine's problem. Many marine parts are in stock and available for purchase.
  3. WINTERIZATIONS - When the season ends, winterization protects the internal engine surfaces from corrosion. The engines are also protected from freezing. This is a must for boats kept in freezing climates. 
  4. MAINTENANCE - Oil and filter changes are needed annually on four-stroke products. Gear lubricants should be changed and/or inspected each season. Water pump service is required every one to three years, depending on manufacturer's recommendations. Fuel additives should be used throughout the season to prevent deterioration of the fuel system. All of these maintenance steps will help you enjoy the season with your boat. They go a long way to preventing breakdowns and costly repairs.



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